Year 6 perform ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’

After studying how to read and write play scripts, Year 6 took to the stage for their own class performance. This year Year 6 took on the challenge of the ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’. All of the children had many lines to learn from the hefty script, including songs, spoken words and realistic non-verbal actions. The children were heavily involved in prop creating and performing our show. 

A technical team ran the performance on the evening to a packed audience of 100 adults, family and friends. There were lots of great comments, including “That is the best performance I have ever seen a group of children perform!”

Some of the children in school are still talking about how they “absolutely loved the show!” We are all very proud of Year 6 for their fantastic acting, amazing costumes, beautiful singing (including several solos) and great performing skills! Watch out Broadway!

“Thank you for letting me attend the Y6 dress rehearsal this morning. You should be very proud of the achievements of your class. To put on such a lengthy play, whilst continuing to deliver the demanding Y6 curriculum is no small feat. It was a pleasure being able to see her perform with such confidence. She learned the script alone, without any help from us. She has really flourished at Henley. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement of her.”