Year 4 Space Camp Sleepover

Year 4 have had an amazing week discovering all things Space!

They have learnt all about the solar system and mnemonics for remembering the order of the planets, made paper mache astronaut helmets and junk modelled rockets and moon buggies.

They have also designed their own planet, studied Mission Patches worn by astronauts and then designed their own which represented their personalities and ambitions. They learnt some Russian, reading the alphabet and translating their names. Then enjoyed a good sing song to ‘Rocket Man’ and ‘Space Oddity’.

Bang!!! they launched rockets on the field by pumping air into pop bottles and watched them zzzzoooooooommmmm into the sky.

The week ended with Year 4 having a ‘Space Camp Sleepover’ in school. They put up tents in the hall, had to build lego with gloves on and then investigated filtering system.

We can certainly say Year 4 have had an spacetastic week!