The Firebird – Multi Story Theatre Company

A magical telling of the action-packed Russian adventure

On Thursday 17th December the very talented Multi Story Theatre Company came to preform ‘The Firebird’ to some very excited children.

Prince Ivan and his brothers set off in search of the fabled Firebird, which has been stealing golden apples from the royal orchard.  Ivan’s brothers soon fall by the wayside, indulging their selfish passions.

Ivan, guided by the Wise Woman of the Wild Woods, enlists the help of the Vanya the Wolf, the Horse with the Silver Mane and Princess Yelyena the Fair.  Together they confront Lodgoth, the wicked Tsar of the Frozen Wastes.  They rescue the Firebird and head for home.  But the adventure has only just begun…

The story is told by Ivan and Yelyena, who bring to life a host of entertaining characters, transform everyday objects (including a number of recycled umbrellas) into fabulous creatures and use live music and song to accompany the adventure

To find out more about please visit:  Multi Story Theatre Company