Values and Ethos

‘Our key aim at Henley-in-Arden CE Primary School is to bless every child spiritually, emotionally and academically during their time with us, following Jesus’ example so they leave our school knowing they are loved, cared for and able to achieve success in their careers, relationships and citizenship.’ Through clear direction and collaboration, the staff and governors believe we can achieve this by providing…

  • A strong basis of Christian values
    An innovative learning environment which promotes independent learning and self assessment
  • A supportive learning community where high quality teaching shapes learning, ensuring high attainment
  • A meaningful, purposeful and relevant curriculum to meet the children’s individual needs
  • A partnership with families and the wider community including St John’s Church, Henley
  • A safe caring environment where high standards of behaviour are expected and valued
  • Opportunities for social responsibility and a sense of awe for the world in which they live …enabling everyone at Henley to develop a sense of self worth and a love for life long learning.

School Code

Our school prides itself on the good behaviour of its pupils. We encourage a caring attitude towards other children, the school community and the local environment. Every individual is valued as unique and special, and all have the opportunity to feel part of a caring school. We encourage all our children, through agreed codes of behaviour to: Sit, look and actively listen for learning Only use words that are kind, thoughtful and true Keep ourselves and others safe Look after our school and everything in it Arrive on time, dressed smartly with everything we need for the day.