Nursery & Reception


Autumn Term 2018


Week beginning 8th October

Nursery and Reception have been learning all about Autumn. We have read a great book called Leaf Man and created our own Leaf Man!

We have also been creating pictures in Autumn colours and in Finger Gym, we have had to transfer conkers from one container to another in a variety of challenges, including with our eyes closed!

Week beginning 1st October

This week saw the continuation of our Superhero theme, with the latest edition of the Supertato saga, Run Veggies Run!

In Maths, the children used their positional language to describe where they found an evil pea around the classroom and wrote labels to show where they had been found. They continued to work on their number recognition to 10 and to practise their counting skills.  They also continued their learning around 2D shapes and made a 2D shape of their choice using lolly sticks and blu-tack!

In Music, they learned the dance and words to ‘Superman’ by Black Lace, which they thoroughly enjoyed!

On Tuesday, they had Change Makers into school to teach them about being active and choosing healthy food, which they really liked. Hopefully lots of parents will now sign up for the workshops beginning soon!

Another busy week in the Nursery & Reception class!


Week beginning 24th September

This week sees the continuing theme of Superheroes, with a new Supertato book, Veggies Assemble! The children have been thinking of suitable adjectives to describe Supertato and are having-a-go with their own writing! They have used the African drums to beat out the syllables in the character’s names and their own names. They have been on a 2D shape hunt around school which they loved and they spotted lots of shapes! They have also had their first JIGSAW lesson, which saw them bring in toys from home to talk about with their friends. PHEW – A very busy week!!

Week beginning 17th September

This week, the children have started their topic about Superheroes, with activities revolving around Supertato! They have designed and made traps to catch the Evil Pea, predicted what had escaped from the freezer and began learning about numbers.           They have also taken part in their first Phonics Sessions and have visited the local library on the first of many visits!

Week beginning 10th September

The second week has seen the children start school full time and embrace the routines of the classroom with much enthusiasm! They have been learning about how the zone board and house points work and trying to earn them! They have voted for their marble jar treat which is to be a pyjama party!! They have also attended their very first Celebration Assembly! In amongst all the routines, the children have also been given little tasks to complete so we have a good understanding of their starting points and what they need to do next in their learning.

Week beginning 3rd September

The children have all made a great start to school life at Henley, exploring the classroom, playground and outdoor area and finding their way around. They have chosen their first reading book and read it to an adult in the classroom, drew pictures of themselves and practised writing their names. They have also made a face biscuit, which they couldn’t wait to take home to eat! Next week – FULL TIME!


Summer Term 2018

Week beginning 25th June

This week, we have continued our learning about Fairy tales with an alternative story to Goldilocks, called Eat your Greens Goldilocks, which also focuses on the importance of healthy eating!

In English, we read the story, made story maps and wrote our own retellings of the story.

In Maths, we have been working on our problem solving skills.

We have also used porridge in the sand tray to estimate and measure with, which has been great fun and drawn maps from Goldilocks’ house to the cottage belonging to the Three Bears!

Most importantly, rehearsals for our Class Assembly began this week, ready to perform on Friday 6th July!

Week beginning 18th June

This week, we have continued our learning about Fairy tales, with an alternative story about The Three Pigs, called Blow your nose Big Bad Wolf, which also focuses on the importance of good hygiene!

In English, we read the story, made story maps and wrote our own retellings of the story. We also made posters to show how to keep ourselves hygienic!

In Maths, we have learned how to count in 10s and 5s and how to represent these bigger numbers with a range of resources! We have also filled in missing numbers in sequences of numbers.

We played BLOW FOOTBALL, which we really enjoyed although we did get tired very quickly!

We also made pictures by blowing paint across our paper with straws – we had to be careful not to SUCK!


Week beginning 11th June

This week, we have continued our learning about Fairy tales, with an alternative story about Cinderella, called Keep Smiling Cinderella, which also focuses on the importance of brushing your teeth!

In English, we read the story, made story maps and wrote our own retellings of the story. We also wrote instructions about brushing our teeth!

In Maths, we have learned how to read and make o’clock times and have enjoyed using the small clocks to make our times. We have also learned what o’clock times look like in digital format and we have  played time bingo, which we wanted to play again and again!

Our favourite activity was to become a real life Cinderella and clean the classroom with an assortment of vacuum cleaners. We had to work out how each one switched on and worked and then had to clean up the large amounts of glitter Mrs Field threw on the carpet! It was great fun and we could see how technology was important at school and at home!

Week beginning 4th June

This week we have started work on Fairy tales with our first story “Keep running Gingerbread Man”, which is an alternative to the traditional tale, where the story focuses on being fit!

In English, we read the story, made story maps and wrote our own retellings of the story. Some of us wrote alternate stories with different characters, which we really enjoyed!

We decorated gingerbread man templates with different spices, which made our classroom very smelly!

We also discussed what activities we do to keep fit, which ranged from walking to school to jumping on the trampoline to gymnastics to running 5K!

In Maths, we learned the language of capacity, focusing on empty, full, half full, nearly empty and nearly full. We enjoyed using the water to work out our capacity problems!

We have also started to learn how to do our joined up handwriting, which we are practising all over the classroom!



Week beginning 21st May

We had a great week learning about dinosaurs. We went on our school visit to ‘All Things Wild’ where we saw life sized dinosaurs on our train journey around a field. We saw lots of other animals and had great fun petting the rabbits in particular, who kept trying to escape! We panned for shark teeth and learned about the dinosaurs that roamed the Earth and all about the animals of the Ice Age. We had a very busy day but everyone agreed it was fantastic and nobody wanted to return home that day!

Week beginning 14th May

We had a ROYAL week in school, in preparation for Harry and Meghan’s wedding!                                                                                                                                                                       In English, we learned all about the Bride and Groom, wrote invitations and designed new wedding mugs.                                                                                                                                                                                In Maths, we learned how to halve numbers.

We ended the week with a ROYAL tea party with ROYAL sports, such as croquet and horse riding!

Week beginning 7th May

In English, we read The Great Pet Sale and had to choose an animal from the story to describe. We also had to write our own PET FOR SALE advert – some of us chose very unusual animals, including unicorns!! We enjoyed using the animals from the story to play with in the sand to make up our own stories. We also built homes for the animals using materials from in the classroom. Using split pins proved very tricky!!

In Maths, we used the animals from the story to learn about money. We learned the names of the different coins and how to exchange 1ps for 2ps and other coins. We also used the animals to work out some subtraction problems.


Week beginning 30th April

In English, we learned about penguins that live in Antarctica. We used interesting adjectives to describe Antarctica and we painted pictures of the landscape we would find there. We thought of lots of questions that we would like to find out the answer to about penguins – see our beautiful display outside the Year Three classroom.

In Maths, we learned how to double numbers. We were brilliant at it! We used dominoes to sort into doubles and NOT doubles. We used Lego to help us work out doubles and we used pebbles in a mirror to see doubles. We recorded in lots of different ways including using our fingers and writing number sentences.



Week beginning 23rd April

In English this week, we learned about how wool comes from a sheep by watching ‘COME OUTSIDE’. We found this very interesting! We  had to draw pictures of the process in the right order before we wrote our sentences. We also learned about how milk came from a cow and watched lots of clips on You-Tube about all the processes the milk has to go through before we can drink it! We  had to draw pictures of the process in the right order before we wrote our sentences.

In Maths, we carried on our learning about subtraction. We used sheep pictures to help us count backwards when taking away!

We have also all painted different designs of sheep on our rocks, ready to hide for HENLEY ROCKS!!


Week beginning 16th April

In English this week, we have read OI FROG and looked for rhyming words. We did lots of work on rhyming words and tried to spot the odd-one-out in a group of words.

We also looked at the lifecycle of a frog and had to put pictures in the right order before we wrote our sentences.

In Maths, we sang ‘FIVE LITTLE SPECKLED FROGS’ and used this to help us carry out subtraction sentences. We used plastic frogs as our equipment to count with whilst working out our subtraction problems!

Spring Term 2018

Week beginning 12th March

This week we have been looking for signs of Spring!

We have finger painted flowers, thought of adjectives to describe some of the Spring objects we have found and drawn story maps about “Rabbit’s Spring Adventure”.

We have also used the loom bands and geoboards to create our own flowers.

In Maths we have been learning how to estimate. We had to estimate how many objects we would find in a particular colour around the classroom then we had to count the objects to see if our estimate was a good one!


Week beginning 5th March

We have been working hard on getting ready for Mother’s Day. We have painted pictures of our mum, thought about why we love them (lots of children chose “because they make my dinner!”) and made cards for our special mums.

This week in Maths, we have been learning about how to ‘count on’ using a number line. We then checked our answers using the equipment.

We were very pleased with our success!

Week beginning 26th February

This week we have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Holi. It is known as ‘The Festival of Colour’ so all of our activities have been related to colour!

We have painted in the style of Jackson Pollack, learned what happens when different colours are mixed together and made rainbows using Lego.

We have also written poems about Holi and thought of different objects to match our favourite colour and written them into a list or sentences!

We have also started learning about addition this week and have been working with our partner to work out how many we have got together when we add our equipment with that of our  partner!

Week beginning 12th February

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week!

We have made Chinese lanterns and Chinese money envelopes.

We have used ‘woolly noodles’ at Finger Gym and had a try at writing Chinese numbers!

We visited SANS for lunch and tried lots of yummy Chinese food!

The Library came to visit us and we acted out the Chinese New Year story and did a Chinese ribbon dance!

What a great week!!

Week beginning 5th February

This week, Nursery and Reception have been learning about 1 less than!

Number day – February 2nd 2018


Children in Reception enjoyed a wide range of number activities and raised money in the process for NSPCC!


This week, 22nd January, Reception and Nursery have been learning all about 3D shapes.

They have been busy learning the names of 3D shapes such as cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, cone and square based pyramid!

They have made models using the shapes and have made repeating patterns.

In Reception, we are learning all about Winter.

We have read The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and have sequenced the story by ourselves! We have also tried to write some words and sentences to match the pictures as we are getting really good at using our sounds!

We have also imagined where we would go if we had a snowman that came to life. We had to decide what we would take with us on our journey – we came up with some great ideas!!

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and now know a range of shapes including circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We even know what a pentagon, hexagon and octagon look like and some of us can describe their properties!

We have made snowmen using chalk, glitter, sugar, cotton balls  and salt to create different textures – we had a great time being messy!!

We also made snowman faces using paper plates – we had to give our snowman a hat with some 2D shapes on to help us remember their names!!

Autumn Term 2017

In Reception, we have been learning about Diwali.

We read the story of Rama and Sita so we could understand how Diwali began. We have then looked at how Diwali is celebrated. We have made diva lamps, made rangoli patterns using pattern blocks and decorated our hands with mendhi patterns.


Spring Term

Reception have been enjoying finding out all about Winter this half-term.

They have read the story of ‘Ridiculous’ about a tortoise who doesn’t want to hibernate in Winter and have discussed which animals hibernate, migrate and adapt to the cold weather.

They have made snowmen in Welly Wednesday using chalk and have found objects in the outdoor area that they used to create a Winter sculpture.

In Welly Wednesday, they also had great fun making bird feeders using Cheerios and pipe cleaners as they were worried that the birds had no food in Winter!

Autumn Term

Reception had a great start to school in their first full time week!

They made face biscuits using icing sugar and sweets – they were very yummy!!

They also had their first P.E lesson – they all enjoyed it and were very tired after all their ‘exercises’!