Spring Term 2018

Week beginning 12th March

This week we have been looking for signs of Spring!

We have finger painted flowers, thought of adjectives to describe some of the Spring objects we have found and drawn story maps about “Rabbit’s Spring Adventure”.

We have also used the loom bands and geoboards to create our own flowers.

In Maths we have been learning how to estimate. We had to estimate how many objects we would find in a particular colour around the classroom then we had to count the objects to see if our estimate was a good one!


Week beginning 5th March

We have been working hard on getting ready for Mother’s Day. We have painted pictures of our mum, thought about why we love them (lots of children chose “because they make my dinner!”) and made cards for our special mums.

This week in Maths, we have been learning about how to ‘count on’ using a number line. We then checked our answers using the equipment.

We were very pleased with our success!

Week beginning 26th February

This week we have been learning about the Hindu Festival of Holi. It is known as ‘The Festival of Colour’ so all of our activities have been related to colour!

We have painted in the style of Jackson Pollack, learned what happens when different colours are mixed together and made rainbows using Lego.

We have also written poems about Holi and thought of different objects to match our favourite colour and written them into a list or sentences!

We have also started learning about addition this week and have been working with our partner to work out how many we have got together when we add our equipment with that of our  partner!

Week beginning 12th February

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year this week!

We have made Chinese lanterns and Chinese money envelopes.

We have used ‘woolly noodles’ at Finger Gym and had a try at writing Chinese numbers!

We visited SANS for lunch and tried lots of yummy Chinese food!

The Library came to visit us and we acted out the Chinese New Year story and did a Chinese ribbon dance!

What a great week!!

Week beginning 5th February

This week, Nursery and Reception have been learning about 1 less than!

Number day – February 2nd 2018


Children in Reception enjoyed a wide range of number activities and raised money in the process for NSPCC!


This week, 22nd January, Reception and Nursery have been learning all about 3D shapes.

They have been busy learning the names of 3D shapes such as cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere, cone and square based pyramid!

They have made models using the shapes and have made repeating patterns.

In Reception, we are learning all about Winter.

We have read The Snowman by Raymond Briggs and have sequenced the story by ourselves! We have also tried to write some words and sentences to match the pictures as we are getting really good at using our sounds!

We have also imagined where we would go if we had a snowman that came to life. We had to decide what we would take with us on our journey – we came up with some great ideas!!

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes and now know a range of shapes including circle, square, rectangle and triangle. We even know what a pentagon, hexagon and octagon look like and some of us can describe their properties!

We have made snowmen using chalk, glitter, sugar, cotton balls  and salt to create different textures – we had a great time being messy!!

We also made snowman faces using paper plates – we had to give our snowman a hat with some 2D shapes on to help us remember their names!!

Autumn Term 2017

In Reception, we have been learning about Diwali.

We read the story of Rama and Sita so we could understand how Diwali began. We have then looked at how Diwali is celebrated. We have made diva lamps, made rangoli patterns using pattern blocks and decorated our hands with mendhi patterns.


Spring Term

Reception have been enjoying finding out all about Winter this half-term.

They have read the story of ‘Ridiculous’ about a tortoise who doesn’t want to hibernate in Winter and have discussed which animals hibernate, migrate and adapt to the cold weather.

They have made snowmen in Welly Wednesday using chalk and have found objects in the outdoor area that they used to create a Winter sculpture.

In Welly Wednesday, they also had great fun making bird feeders using Cheerios and pipe cleaners as they were worried that the birds had no food in Winter!

Autumn Term

Reception had a great start to school in their first full time week!

They made face biscuits using icing sugar and sweets – they were very yummy!!

They also had their first P.E lesson – they all enjoyed it and were very tired after all their ‘exercises’!