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Cross of Nails

It was such a privilege for our school to receive the Cross of Nails on its tour from Coventry Cathedral. Pupils from Wootton Wawen walked with the Cross and handed it over to our School Council during a special service. During the Service, we thought about Forgiveness, one of our school values. We reflected on how the people of Coventry were able to forgive following the World War bombings.

We will keep the cross for the weekend and then hand it onto Ferncumbe C of E Primary School.

Careers Day @ Henley – 28th June 2018

On Friday 28th June, Years five and six took part in our first ever careers morning.

It began with an inspirational talk from Mr Paul Holden, who taught us to’ dream big but plan in pencil.’

Then we entered the hall to be greeted by many people who had very different careers.  We learnt so much from each and every career. Talking to the European database systems manager was really interesting; most of us thought he was a spy! The nail technician had some brilliant nail varnishes, even ones that changed colour with the heat!

The vet and the clinical scientist had brought lots of props which helped us understand more about their jobs.

To sum up, this was a great event, which helped us think about our futures and what careers we would like to do.

Terrific Scientific ‘School of Excellence’ Award for Science

We are delighted that as a result of the hard work and dedication of Mrs Jones and our pupils, we have been awarded  ‘School of Excellence’ status.  This award is supported by the Primary Science Quality Mark and the BBC.

Terrific Scientific is an ambitious campaign from the BBC. Our goal is to inspire primary school pupils to discover their inner scientist.

Currently, fewer than 15% of 10-14 year olds aspire to pursue a career as a scientist, leaving the UK with a potential skills shortage.

We have partnered with leading universities to create a series of child-friendly nationwide scientific investigations. The data gathered is sent to the universities and feeds into real academic studies.

GOLD School Games Award 2017/18

The School Games Mark is a Government led award that focuses on recognising schools who show commitment to physical competitions across the school and the wider community.

At Henley, our sports provision is excellent, with Mrs Holden and Ben leading PE lessons across the school and hosting before and after school sports clubs. Children from a range of year groups also have the opportunity to attend competitions, both those within school and with other schools across our cluster. These competitions cover a wide range of sports, including cricket, athletics, triathlon, and football.

Well done Mrs Holden and thank you

Royal Wedding Fever hits Henley

On Friday 18th May, to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, the whole school came dressed to impress, in blue, white and red clothing. They each had made a crown at home, which were fit for any king and queen.

During the afternoon, the children took part in the Royal games. They rode on toy horses, threw wellies and played croquet.

After all the fun, the children ate their royal picnics in the banquet hall, which looked fabulous, decorated with homemade bunting, placemats and table decorations.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which was a great success!

Community Cohesion with Yew Tree School

On 19th April, the children from Year 4 and 5 visited our friends at Yew Tree School in Aston. They enjoyed playing games in a get to know you session followed by a walk up to Aston Park. Following this they enjoyed a spicy samosa at ‘Classics’ before heading to the local Mosque where they learnt all about their culture.

Then on 26th April Yew Tree visited us, we took them into Henley where they had a big welcome in the Guild Hall Gardens by our Town Crier. They learnt about the history of Henley in the Guild Hall from the Court Leet followed by a tour of Henley to see our churches and market cross, then onto the Heritage Centre with a final stop at the famous Henley Ice Cream shop where they indulged in an ice cream. We finished the day by decorating some rocks #Henleyrocks.

Year 4 visit Avoncroft Museum

On a very bitterly cold, snowy Monday, 19th March, Year 4 visited the Avoncroft Museum as part of their Buildings Topic.

Avoncroft Museum was opened to the public following the rescue and reconstruction of a Medieval Town House from Bromsgrove town centre.   Avoncroft’s priority is to retain historic buildings in their original location. Over five decades, Avoncroft Museum has continued to rescue structures where this had not been achievable. The Museum now displays and cares for over 30 historic buildings and structures.

Some of the buildings they looked at were:  a Prefab Church, Toll house,  Anderson Shelter, Privy and Hill End Cottage as well as seeing examples of wattle and daub and herb/medicinal gardens.

They took part in a Construction workshop where the activities include wattle and daub, and hand-making bricks which children the took back to school!