Year 6



Summer Term

This term we will step back 4000 years to the Ancient Egyptian era. We have many exciting activities planned, including a school visit to Birmingham to visit the Egyptian artefacts.

Historically we will find out about the Ancient Egyptian way of life, even the gory bits! We will find out about what it was like to live during these times, investigating ancient beliefs and solving historical questions, including the mysteries around Howard Carter. This links with our Geography work where we will deepen our knowledge of the River Nile and the importance of this mighty river to the people at that time, as well as to the people living in Egypt today. Our Art and DT work will focus on the ‘Great Pyramids of Giza’ and death masks.

Our Science lessons will focus on animals and their habitats and the human circulatory system. Investigating the heart will be one part of our studies. Our natural history week will enable to look more deeply at fossils and bones and the evidence for life many years ago. During ICT we will continue with the programming curriculum alongside a huge part of our ICT this term, cyber safety. The PE sessions will be based on rounders, cricket, tennis and athletic, whilst our music focus this term will be on musical notation and musical instruments from around the world.

SATs are over

Well done to Year 6 for working so hard to just ‘do their best’. We are all very proud of your effort and attitude during this week. Thank you to William for providing a cake to celebrate.

Well done.

Onto writing now…


Congratulations to George Hooper-Rann

Well done to George for gaining a scholarship at the Elmhurst School of Dance in Birmingham .

George became interested in ballet at the age of 5 and has been an avid dancer since then. After many hours of stretching, training with his weights and practising both ballet and jazz, George grew stronger and more determined to achieve his lifetime goal. He has already performed at the Birmingham Hippodrome in a performance of the Nutcracker in 2015. Seeing professional ballet dancers  inspired him to become a classical ballet dancer. It became a dream!

After a gruelling audition, an academic interview, a physiotherapy session and an hour’s ballet lesson lasting all day George was one of the 8 boys selected for a Year 7 entry at the prestigious ballet school. His mum said ‘I couldn’t be happier for George. He has finally been given his dream’.

George will start boarding at Elmhurst in September and will start his strict 5 hour -a day ballet lessons, academic studies and a special diet of nuts, pulses and meats – with no sugar. It will be tough but George is up for the challenge.

We are all very proud of George and look forward to seeing him on the stage  in the not-so-distant future.


Spring Term

Kings and Queens

We have an array of exciting activities planned for this term in our topic ‘Kings and Queens’. With a play on words, our book focus is Michael Morpurgo’s Kensuke’s Kingdom and alongside this Anthony Brown’s ‘King Kong’ will be used to embed some of the grammar terminology. Budding thespians will find out about some of the works of our local celebrity, William Shakespeare. Historically we will step back in time and learn all about the influence of the Tudors on where we live. We will find out about what it was like to live during these times, investigating historical issues and solving historical questions. This links with our DT project where we will design and make a miniature Tudor chair and cushion. Stratford and the UK are the focus for our Geography where we will find out about the area near where we live. Tudor portraits will be the place where our artistic skills can shine. Watch this space for more details of our Tudor Day on Wednesday 22 March. Our Science topics will focus on ‘evolution and inheritance’ and ‘living things and their habitats’. We’ve had a very positive start to term 2 and look forward to developing our positive learning attitudes throughout this full on term.

Autumn Term

Year 6 Production of Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

Last week Year  6 performed their annual production, linking their topic of legends with their English work on play scripts. I am sure you will agree we had some budding thespians and drama kings and queens on the stage. We were all extremely proud of their efforts to learn their words, their costumes and for their outstanding performances.



Well done to Lola, Harvey and Oscar for writing excellent poems showing great use of personification and figurative language. You read your poems very well at the Remembrance service. dsc01946

Well done to Jacob for representing our school by laying the wreath in church.



Frozen legend museum

Year 6 researched and wrote a biography of a famous legend. They then had to become this character in our ‘frozen legend museum’. Only when someone asked a question, could they answer the questions. The legends aimed to transfer all closed questions into open questions. We carried out the activity for the whole school and during our whole school open day.

We would like to thank the parents for supporting us with our home learning for this and for helping with the costumes. They looked great!

PGL visit

Some of the pictures from our recent residential trip to Shropshire PGL.

Head Boy (Jacob Gaunt) and Head Girl (Aliza Perrins) start their duties


Myths and legends

It’s the term they have all been waiting for…in the second week of term Year 6 will be travelling to Shropshire for their long awaited PGL residential visit. Zip wiring, fencing, kayaking and rifle shooting are just some of the activities that the children will be taking part in as their class team building exercise.

On return to school we will then travel back in time to the land of myths and legends. Our first stop will be with fictitious legends and superheroes, then moving onto real life legends. Our ‘Open Day’ on the 1st October will be a great way to showcase our frozen legend museum. Pop along and see our real life characters talking about their lives following our biography focus work. Getting messy in Art using Modroc to design and make a 3D sculpture of our frozen legend will enable us to study proportion and form. Look out for our final designs.

In English this term we will be using ‘The Girl and Ink and Stars’ as our class focus book, alongside poetry and play scripts. This will culminate in our Year 6 production of the legend of Ali Baba in November.

Science sessions will be a deepening of our understanding of light and electricity; linking our DT project into this by making an electronic light-up Christmas card.


Summer Term

Year 6 Production – Go for Gold!

img_1299img_1315  img_1338 img_1353 img_1362 img_1309

A class debate

This was to decide who should be awarded a Queens award and put onto a the Queen’s fictitious 90th birthday honour’s list.


Our special letter from HRH the Queen

img_1240 img_1294

Making a model castle


Back to the Future

This term we will be travelling back in time to the land of castles, dragons and mythical creatures. We have started our new topic with the launch of the children’s favourite ‘How to train your dragon’. This will be the stimulus for our writing where we will focus on a theme of dragon slayers, which will include St. George. Poetry, monologues, balanced arguments and short stories will be created this term.

Remaining in the past we will visit the mount in Henley to understand how Henley, as a town, has changed from the past to the present and how it will be in the future… Our Geography work will also encompass local fieldwork skills. We will also visit Warwick castle later in the term to understand more about our local history. In other topic work our scientific skills will be developed whilst understanding more about the human body, micro- organisms and classification.

We have written formal letters to the Queen in order to practise our formal writing skills and the use of the subjunctive form and look forward to the 10th June when we celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. A traditional street party will be a great way to celebrate with home-made Victoria sponges, scones and cucumber sandwiches!

In RE our understanding of sacred texts will be developed, along with change and death in Christianity and Buddhism.

Our end of the term our Year 6 production will follow the topical theme of the Olympics…the rest is a surprise.


Spring Term

Rev Ganjavi visit

As part of our RE topic on ‘Beginnings’ Rev Ganjavi paid us a visit to talk about the history of the church. He also shared information on the Pentecost. The children impressed Rev Ganjavi with their thoughtful and inquisitive questions.


Athletics competition

This week Year 6 braved the cold to participate in the Warwickshire Area selection athletics in Stratford. After a great morning the children ended up 5th out of 8 teams in Stratford. Well done Year 6 – we were very proud of you all.

Spring Term overview –

Our Shoe box rainforests



The Rainforests154959-ml-1174784

The Year 6 children have started reading from our core text -Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson. The book is enabling us to understand the Rainforests and we have already enjoyed several topic-related activities to the book. So far they have used their research and science skills to find out about different plants and animals that have adapted to the layers of the rainforest. They have used this information in DT to plan, design and make a shoe box rainforest. They look great  Year 6!

The children are currently completing their ‘Do What You like Home Learning’ with a rainforest theme. We look forward to seeing outcomes later this term.

During the rest of the term we will be having some unusual visitors, researching the Mayans, writing from different genres, introducing ‘Big Maths’ and developing their coding skills on the computer. It’s going to be a busy term ahead.


Autumn Term

Electronic Christmas cards

img_1015 img_1020 img_1021



Well done Year 5 and 6 for leading the school’s Christingle services in school and in St John’s church in Henley.


Travel tasting 

We have now landed in China and to experience the Far East in the class room we looked at Chinese recipes in maths. First we costed our menus by adding decimals. Then we worked to a budget and carried out a problem solving activity.

The next step was to actually cook some authentic Chinese food. So with the help of Mrs Holliday, Josh Regan’s mum and Jack Kelly-Owen’s mum we all made vegetable spring rolls, noodles and vegetable chow mein. The tricky part was trying to eat our food with chopsticks.


Anti-Bullying week 

This week for the nationwide anti bullying campaign Year 6 have carried out a number of activities to promote and support anti bullying in school. They have discussed the different types of bullying, the effects of it on people and what to do in different situations. We created posters,poems, raps and songs to promote the anti-bullying message in school. A visiting speaker paid us a visit to talk about internet safety and cyber bullying.
The week ended with a giant ‘stamp out bullying’ in the playground where the whole school stamped their feet for 20 seconds to get the message across that ‘we are stamping out bullying on our school!’.


Remembrance Day



Today on the 11th November, the children from Year 6 and Year 4 represented the school in the Henley-in-Arden local town service, in collaboration with the British Legion, to commemorate the fallen and wounded from the ‘Two Great Wars’ and from wars since and on-going today.

Jasmine Possee and Charlie Darby, as Head girl and Head boy, placed a wreath on the war memorial in St John’s church.


Samuel Cossey, Charlie Richards and Keira Taylor read their own poems aloud:

The poppies blow  

By Keira Taylor.

The poppies blow

Row upon row

Poppies so red, poppies so bright

We remember those who went to fight.

I wear a little poppy,

as red as red can be.

to show that I remember

those who fought for me.

 In Flanders field we grow

We were born so long ago.

We remember them as family

As they lie peacefully in a cemetery.


By Charlie Richards

The scary war started

The guns shot were all around

No one knew when it would end

 Many soldiers fell to the ground.

The bombs fell

The toxic smell

Millions of deaths

You couldn’t hear their breaths.

The camouflaged soldiers

In serious pain

Deadly bombs

The guns shot again.


 By Samuel Cossey.

A time to remember

The 11th of November

We shall not forget

But we all regret.

A time to remember

The 11th of November

We parade

But our memories never fade.

A time to remember

The 11th of November

We sing, we pray

As you lay…


 In Flanders field.


Jack Kelly-Owen and Emily Woore read the prayer of Saint Francis, also known as the ‘Peace Prayer’. 

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.




Our ‘Do What You Like Home Learning’.


This term the children were set the task of a ‘do- what you- like- home- learning’ task on ‘The World’, to tie in with their  topic ‘Around the world in 80 days’. As always the quality and originality have been amazing. We have seen: globe and volcano shaped cakes, a puppet theatre, electronic power point projects, papier mache hot-air balloons, flags made from coloured pasta, recipe books, models of famous world landmarks- The O2 Arena, Etihad Towers in Abu Dhabi, the Empire State Building and Big Ben and stories written with 3D scenery from shoe boxes, just to name a few…

Incredible work Year 6, well done to you all!

 Art work in the style of Stephen Wiltshire

During our art this term we have been focussing on the work of  Stephen Wiltshire – a man born autistic, but with an incredible memory for drawing skylines in pen and ink.

See his website –

The children had a go at drawing without using pencil or a rubber to create their own Paris Cityscapes.

What do you think?

 Travel Blogs

Each time we stop in a different country on our route around the world (following in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and Michael Palin) we create a travel blog to develop our writing skills but also to summarise our  multi sensory learning from that country.

Take a look.


My French Travel Blog  by Charlie DarbyImage result for eiffel tower

I’m so excited that we are in Paris, can’t wait to see the Eiffel Tower! It’s going to be incredible! I really hope that I can climb it and raise some money for my wonderful school. I will take a photo with my Iphone 6C! Hopefully I get to see the Louvre at the top of the Eiffel Tower! That is one of my challenges on my bucket list. I will be able to tick it off!

Hopefully we can see some famous people as well like Thierry Henry, rugby players, football players, tennis players…….my mum said we could swim in the river Seine or even see a football or rugby match! It’s going to be amazing!

Oh I can’t wait to taste their food! Imagine those lovely crepes, pain au chocolat, croissant, cheese…..I wonder if frogs legs actually taste like chicken or not? I bet they don’t! Or if snails taste like mushrooms or not? They both sound disgusting to me! Do they to you? Well, I’d better go and pinch one of each off the vivacious and beautiful women over there!



All right, I just got one and here we go! CRACK!! That goes the snail –EH! How horrible! They do taste like mushrooms, and I hate them!   Now for the frogs les! CRUNCH!! Mmm, that was actually quite tasty! Yeah, let’s have another one! I’d better get a hot chocolate! They look delicious! SLURP!! Wow, best hot chocolate ever! Lovely!!

Now we are just about to pack to go in 2 days. I have now learnt how to speak fluently in French! I need to start packing. Let’s go upstairs then…..



Our visit to PGL

On the 21st of September our class (Year 6) travelled to Boreatton Park in Shropshire for our long awaited trip to PGL. We were all extremely excited but some of us were a little bit nervous…

As soon as we got there we were greeted by our courteous ‘Groupie’ (a group leader, who looked after us). Once we had collected our bags we were lead to our dorms in the mansion. Our rooms were massive!!! Every room had wooden bunk beds, a bin and some robust cabinets. Then we were given some time to unpack our large bags.

Once we had unpacked, we were given an informative tour of the mansion, which was over 50 acres big. Soon after that we played a game, to get to the nearest fire exit, to ensure that if there was a fire then we would know where to go. This was a unique approach of teaching us the fire exit way. Then we used the maps in our rooms to help us find our way around.

The majestic mansion that we were staying in was a ‘calendar house’, because it has 365 windows (we have 365 days a year), 52 rooms (we have 52 weeks a year), 7 external doors (there are 7 days a week), 12 chimneys (12 months a year) and 4 wings (there are 4 seasons in a year).

The food that we had was FANTASTIC!!! We had 3 choices for every meal! This was brilliant as there was always at least one thing that you could eat, which you liked. There was even a salad and fruit bar!!!

There were several different activities, some of them were hard, some of them were easy, but every activity we did was great! Some of them were personal challenges and some were much harder than others. One of our personal challenges was the zip wire. We found it petrifying to look down from such a height. The majority favourite was the giant swing despite the screams that were heard!

The sleeping arrangements were brilliant, despite going to bed exhausted we still had an unforgettable time, which was immensely enjoyable.

Over all we had an amazing time which we will never forget. “It was the most enjoyable thing that I will ever do!” quoted a fellow year six child. Everyone has loved this phenomenal PGL trip.

Written by Emily Rossall and Rebecca Rossall

Autumn Term Learning

‘Around the World in 80 days.’


This term Year 6 will follow in the footsteps of the fictional book character, Phileas Fogg, from Jules Verne’s classic tale ‘Around the world in 80 days’. We will be planning our own bucket list trip around the world, using our geography skills to map a route, stopping in every continent and identifying the human and physical features of each place. So far this term we have written to Phileas asking to be his travel companion, written a travel blog and arrived in France, where we enjoyed a traditional French breakfast. Foods from other countries will be on the menu after half term as we rustle up an Asian dish.

As we continue to orbit the globe, we will look at famous skylines and use the techniques used by Stephen Wiltshire to create our own artist impressions. In history the boys from Year 5 and 6 will focus on the Shang Dynasty and the girls from these year groups will find out about Indus.

In science we will be looking at light and electricity and as we near towards Christmas we will be making electronic cards.

On top of our PGL residential trip I am sure we will be exhausted at the end of the term as we explore Christmas around the world. I hope we make it back in 80 days…