Year 3



Summer Term

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are enjoying the warmer weather we are getting, most of the time!

Our new topic is ‘The Riotous Royals’, which will include looking at significant Kings and Queens throughout British history. We will also get a chance to include British Geography, map work and investigating the Empire within this topic. During this topic, we will study the period of the Victorians in more detail.

We are currently reading two Michael Morpurgo books and writing our own stories inspired by Morpurgo’s book, ‘Dolphin Tale’. After May half term we are going to be reading ‘Me, the Queen and Christopher’ by Giles Andreae and Tony Ross. The children will complete a rich range of activities to go alongside this fantastic book including diary writing, instruction writing, designing royal outfits and creating a menu fit for a queen!

In maths we will be mastering fractions, including equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions and comparing and ordering unit fractions. After half term we will be looking at measurement and statistics. This will include comparing, adding and subtracting lengths, mass and volume. Year 3 will carry on with ‘Big Maths’ and we are hoping to retain our title as Big Maths champions!

In science we are looking at light, including light sources. The children will take part in various practical activities to help develop their understanding of this topic.

In art we will be studying portraits alongside our Royalty topic. Our DT this term will focus on food technology, which will link in with English, Maths and Topic this term.

Please continue to support your child at home by:

  • Reading regularly – aiming to be a gold reader by reading at least 6 times a week.
  • Completing all home learning and handing in on a Thursday.
  • Ensuring your child learns the weekly spellings for a Wednesday test
  • Practise the Y3/4 spellings

Thank you for your continued support.

Spring Term

Our topic for the term is ‘The Railways’, focusing on the development of the Railways in Great Britain giving them the children the opportunity to find out about the history of the railways and significant early locomotives. They will also investigate some important historical events, such as the opening of the first passenger carrying railway lines and the Rainhill Trials and they will learn about some of the key people who were influential in the development of the railways. In addition to this they will learn about the development of locomotive technology and examine the differences between steam, diesel and electric locomotives. The children will also learn about the growth and development of the railway network in Great Britain and use their geographical skills to map out some key routes. They will also use their speaking and listening skills to debate the positive and negative effects of the railways on different aspects of society.

In English we are reading different railway/train-themed books such as ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne and the picture book version of ‘The Railway Children’ by E Nesbit and we will be using these texts to write our own stories and to help improve our reading comprehension skills.

In maths we are completing a ‘Measuring Olympics’ to help us become master measurers of time, weight and length. We will also be mastering multiplication and division with a particular focus on our times tables and using our maths skills to complete ‘Big Maths’ challenges.

Thank you for supporting your child in their learning, please continue to do so particularly focusing on:

  • Helping them become a gold reader by reading at least 6 times a week
  • Completing all home learning and handing in on a Wednesday.
  • Ensuring your child learns the weekly spellings
  • Practise their times tables

Autumn Term

The ‘Stone Age to Bronze Age’ topic will teach the Year 3 about how the Stone Age to Bronze Age period impacted on life in Britain. They will learn about how early man survived in a harsh environment, why Skara Brae was important for understanding life in the Stone Age, how copper mining was crucial to the Bronze Age and why Stonehenge was built. The children will also learn about why Iron Age people developed hillforts and how important Druids were in Iron Age Britain.

The children will experience eating food in a similar way to early man by cooking meat on an open fire and make and bake flat bread. They will tell a story of a hunt through ‘cave style’ paintings.


Autumn Term

Maths: We have been measuring weight, length and capacity, practising our times tables, using money and telling the time.

“I’ve enjoyed doing my times tables and telling the time, and I’m getting better at them.” – Branson

“I like ordering numbers and I’m very good at my times tables. We do a fun 4x table rap! Measuring things is fun, and it’s important if you need to know how high or ide to make something.” – Eddie

English: We’ve been busy writing letters to fictional characters and real people, we’ve written and performed poems and raps as well as our Christmas play, created story maps and been working on our handwriting and spellings.

“Doing the raps was my favourite, and it helped with learning about metaphors. We all liked doing the school play, which is also useful for learning more about play scripts.” – Rylan

 Science: Our learning has been about rocks and soils, including fossils, dinosaurs and volcanoes.

“I liked learning about fossils best. We watched an interesting video and learned the 4 stages of fossilisation. We’ve also learned about different types of dinosaurs and when they lived, as well as volcanic eruptions and why volcanoes are formed. All of year 3 know the 3 types of rock.” – Charlie W

 Art/DT: We’ve enjoyed making Viking longships and helmets, clay fossils, doing printing using natural materials, learning how to weave and cooking a stew and flapjack.

“I really liked making the Viking stew, and tasting it afterwards. My weaving was fun to mk and was very soft and pretty. I love making things!” – Scarlett

 Topic: Our Viking topic has allowed us to explore the theme of dragons, as well as learning about the Battle of Ashdown, make Viking style helmets and write to pen friends in Norway.

“I liked making my helmet the best. I’ve learned that the Vikings had to travel a long way to get here.” – Liam P

 Home Learning: Our home learning has continued to be taken from the ‘takeaway menu’, which is on a rotation for choosing a Maths, English or Special option. Some of the options are to write a quiz or book review, make a model out of lego or recycling, design and create a treasure map with clues, do a puppet show or bake a tasty treat!

“Making a lego house and counting the bricks was lots of fun. I love the special choices – this week mine was all about going to a party. My mum helps me at home, especially on the computer. I’m proud that some of my work is up on the wall.” – Bailey

“I’ve drawn Pokemon cards for my special choice this week, and I’ve finished knitting a big scarf with my mum.” – Charlee

 French: In year 3 we have been doing the register in French every day, as well as having our lessons on colours, numbers, animals and fruit. Most days the children say ‘Bonjour Madame Thirkell, je voudrais rouge et pain grille s’il vous plait.’

“I love learning these new things, and knowing the French for animals and colours. Doing the register in French is really helpful because we get to practise every day.” – Oli E

 RE/PSHE: This half term we have learned about helping each other, the consequences of our actions and used puppets to act out a Bible story.

“Using the puppets was my favourite lesson, it really helped us to tell our stories.” – Connie

“I liked our trip to the Gurdwara, and that we have talked about ways to help people and have learned about how people do things differently.” – Ellis

“I liked the puppets. I like helping people, I was born like that. I think it’s a good idea to have lessons about being kind.” – Sophie



“English is my favourite subject! We have been writing about Viking myths, doing brochures, postcards and diary entries. I have particularly enjoyed doing my post card and Viking myth!”

By Emily


“We have learned the column method and have used Venn diagrams to sort numbers and shapes. The thing I have liked best is 3D shapes.”

By Flo


“In science we are learning about rocks, and were very lucky to have the rock lady Dr Dale came in. It was really fun! We have also learned about dinosaurs and made ammonites. I loved it!”

By Seth


“I have really enjoyed learning about the Vikings and how they lived. I have also loved writing Viking myths and finding out about the Lindisfarne attack. I particularly liked making a Viking poster!”

By Oliver E


“We have learned the number 1-10, colours and animals. We also say the register in French every day.”

By Emma


“We are doing curling and stretching as well as different ways of travelling. In swimming we have tried diving, using floats and I can do 3 different strokes. I enjoy PE very much.”

By Poppy


Summer Term

In year 3, we have been learning about Ancient Greece. Greece is a very exciting topic, we have put events in chronological order on a time line and looked at different artefacts.

We have investigated the physical and human features of Greece and sorted them into two groups. We enjoy using the I pads to help us.

In PE we have been learning how to play cricket, rounders and throw and catch accurately.

(Nancy and Adam)


In science, we have learnt about the sun, in our light and dark topic. We did an experiment about shadows and we found out that the sun moves around the earth. We discovered that the world is split into different time zones and if it’s 12:00 in the UK then it will be 1:00 in France.

Did you know the sun will only last for 5 billion more years?

We also learnt about opaque, translucent and transparent objects. We found things around the classroom that fitted into these groups.

(Daniel and Jeremy)

 Home Learning

In year 3 our home learning has been a takeaway menu, where you can choose from the given section. We have made things like a Greek pot, written quizzes and plays, created a ppt and even tried Greek cookery!


We have been looking at Greek myths and legends. We wrote our own myths with Perseus and Medusa in.

(George and Mollie)

 Art / DT

In art we sketched a Greek pot and then made one out of clay. We learnt to do the coil and pinch method. Our pots looked great and we were all very pleased with them.

We also made a model temple with a naos inside. We had to work as a team to make them a success.

(Izzy and Anna)

The Groovy Greeks

This term Year 3 will be stepping back in time to Ancient Greece. We will be learning about myths and legends in English, as well as using our research skills to find out about the Greeks.

In music we will be following the BBC scheme of work and learning songs about the Greeks and may be even writing our own!

In DT we will become fashion designers and sew our own Greek sandals, suitable for any trendy Greek!

In art we will be make temples out of recycled materials so get collecting boxes and empty kitchen roll tubes ready for this project.

In history, the children will learn about the past by looking at artefacts, pictures and internet research.


17 children in the class have already reached the required standard specified in the National Curriculum. They are now moving on to perfecting their strokes, especially back stroke. They have been diving in and even doing somersaults in the water! Very impressive!

The other group are making progress, most of them can jump in, put their faces in the water and swim a few metres unaided. They are all gaining confidence in the water and hopefully will really improve this Summer term.

How can you support learning at home?

Read regularly and sign the diary.

Dictionaries – use dictionaries to find words and correct spellings.

Practise telling the time.

Practise times tables.

Home Learning

Most excitingly, we will be trying out our new takeaway home learning. Remember to choose one thing from given section on the takeaway menu (your child will be told each Friday).

In your special packs, there is a times table square and spelling sheet which stay in the plastic wallet so you can write on them with your white board pen and then clean them ready for next time. Remember spellings are now in the red spelling book and tests will be at the back so you can see how your child did.


Home learning due in each Thursday

It will be given out each Friday

Spring Term

Viva Espanã!

This term is very exciting the children will be exploring Spain in Geography and History. They will learn about bull fighting, Spanish dancing and Fiestas.

We will be studying the famous artists of Spain and produce work inspired by them. We should have some Picasso inspired portraits and some mosaic work that Gaudi would be proud of.

In English the focus will be on the Daisy books by Kes Grey and the children will experience being secret spies and much more.

In DT the children will get to cook and eat Spanish food. We will be serving up paella and non- alcoholic sangria.

We are currently learning French each week and are currently learning the animals. Everyday we practise our greetings and even answer in French for the colour lunch band we want.

Every Tuesday, we enjoy learning to swim. Each group is doing well and the children are all progressing well.