Year 2



Summer Term

After a busy spring term, the children have made good progress. It is now only a few weeks until they take their SAT’s tests. Please make sure your child has lots of sleep on school nights and is only off school if they are genuinely ill. It is a crucial time to collect evidence on your child’s ability so being at school is vital.

During the summer term, we will be looking at lots of new books which will inspire writing. The children will be improving their comprehension skills, through lots of practise. Please hear your child read regularly and ask them some questions to challenge their understanding.

As the weather improves, we will be doing lots of outdoor learning which the children adore. Recently, we built shelters for a rabbit outside and the team work was fantastic.

In PSHE we will be focussing on bullying and what makes a bully, so if your child speaks about it at home, please stress the point below:

S – several

T – times

O – on

P – purpose

In maths, we will be going over the arithmetic tests and ensuring the children are comfortable solving these. Please practise times tables (x2, x5, x10) number bonds and adding 3 two digit numbers eg 6 + 5 + 4 =

As always, thanks for all the support.

Spring Term

The children have come back after the Christmas, full of energy and are ready for the term ahead.

Our new topic is people and animals, which will include looking at significant people eg: George Cadbury, Florence Nightingale and William Shakespeare.

We will be doing lots of extended pieces of writing to allow the children to showcase their handwriting, spelling and new skills, that are required to be ‘at the expected level’ at the end of the year.

In maths we will be mastering statistics, fractions and our times table and division facts.

In computing, Miss Foster will be teaching the children how to code, so watch out for those computer whizz kids! She also will be doing some wonderful art and DT with the class, where they will get to make an animal finger puppet and some tie dye bunting.

This term Mrs Bicknell will be focussing on suffixes (the ending of words eg: ment, ly, ness). The children will be expected to use these new words in their writing. In maths she will be supporting the children with their fluency skills, so they become quick and confident with rapid recall eg 15 + 8.

During book week, we will be receiving a visit from an author and doing lots of fun activities centre around her book.

Another exciting thing to look forward to is our Y1/Y2 trip to Tudor World in Stratford. The children will be taking part in a workshop and learning about Shakespeare.

Please continue to support your child at home by:

  • Reading regularly
  • Completing all home learning
  • Ensuring your child learns the spellings
  • Practise the common exception words for Y2

Thank you for your support.

Autumn Term

Welcome back after a fabulous summer. The children are all keen and excited to be in year 2.

It’s going to be a busy term. We are kicking off our toy topic with the focus on Traction Man books. He is a popular chap and one the children love planning new adventures for. We will be using the books as a stimulus for many pieces of writing.

In maths, we are taking on the new mastery approach where all the children will have a deeper understanding of each new concept. They will develop their fluency skills by recalling facts eg counting backwards in 2’s from 20 or their number bonds. They become more confident in reasoning and problem solving where they need to apply their knowledge in order to problem solve.

We are looking forward to the Specialists visiting Y1 and Y2. The children will be learning about toys from the past and getting to make their own lever toy in the afternoon. Watch out for the photographs of the day.


Summer Term

Firstly, I would like to thank all the parents who attended the parent workshop on reading and phonics. The feedback was very positive and we hope you enjoyed the chance to get together and have a coffee too.

This is the most important term for your child in year two, as they will be doing their SATs tests in May. The week they will take place is beginning 16th May so please ensure your child attends school all this week. Our school has also been selected to take the spelling punctuation and grammar test early in April. You can help your child by practising the spellings in the pack given out at the workshop.

Please hear your child read as much as possible as this will help them read the questions on the tests. Also when you read at home make sure you are asking your child to predict what might happen and always discuss the meaning of new vocabulary.

In the classroom we will be focussing on ‘The Rabbit Problem’ a wonderful book by Emily Gravett. The children will have plenty of opportunities to write for a purpose and practise their handwriting skills.

We will do all the calculation work at school and teach your child strategies that are appropriate for their ability. However please practise their recall of the x2, x5, x10 and 3’s. Work on the division facts to eg 30÷10=3 and 3×10=30.

Telling the time on an analogue clock to the nearest 15 minutes and once mastered move on to 5 minutes.

Keep measuring things eg discuss when we use cm, km, kg, ml etc.

School trips
As our Summer term topic is Food and Farming. We are going to take the children to pizza express to make their own pizzas. Later on in the term we will be visiting the Heritage Centre in Henley to discover what Henley was like in the past.

Home learning
The takeaway menu will be gone for now and replaced with tasks that will help the children with their SATS. Please ensure the home learning book, with the tasks and spellings are completed and sent into school each Thursday. Lastly, I would like to say thank you for all your support.

Spring Term

The children have settled back into work after the Christmas break.

We are trying really hard to improve our maths, so we are doing an extra 20 minutes per day to improve their skills. Please keep practising doubling and halving number up to 100 at home.

Each day we are having a KS1 afternoon play for 10 minutes which has had a positive effect on their work and has helped them to maintain concentration until home time.

Our topic this term is the Environment. We will be focussing on Kenya and comparing it to Henley. The children are busy making paper maiche African animal masks, so look out for them on display in the classroom.

Mrs Robinson and Miss Foster recently attended an inference for reading course. They have been using techniques to help improve comprehension skills in guided reading. It was such a success that they are going to train the rest of the school.

Miss O’Boyle and Mrs Robinson will be running a workshop for KS1 parents soon. It will be an hour session one afternoon, where parents will get a chance to see what is happening in maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar lessons. You will gain a valuable insight into what your child is required to know in these year groups. Mrs Robinson will also be talking about the new SATS tests for Y2 and showing you some sample copies.  Miss O’ Boyle will be talking about the phonics test taken by all Y1 children in June.

Autumn Term

All of Year 2 had a role in the Christmas play ‘The Hoity Toity Angel’ which they thoroughly enjoyed performing to their families.

In DT we have been looking at different vehicles. We have designed and made our own vehicles using recycled cardboard boxes. Take a look at some of our designs…

We have been looking at alternative versions of Fairy Tales like ‘Mr Wolf and the 3 bears’ and ‘The horrid pigs and the friendly Wolf’ and writing character descriptions. They even made their own sandwiches using ingredients they bought in from home which led them to write their own instructions.

In Maths we have been learning 2,5 and 10 times table and division facts. We have also been looking at telling the time on an analogue clock. Please keep practising this at home!

The quality of the children’s home learning has been very pleasing and the children seemed to of enjoyed it. There will be a new menu for next half term on the new topic ‘Environment’.

In Year 2 we have been busy learning lots of new things. One of our particular favourites has been learning yoga. We are now more flexible, better at balancing and have developed some relaxation techniques.

In English we have been reading Julia Donaldson’s book called Snail and the Whale. We have been writing instructions, recounts, letters and stories. Recently we have found out about snails and whales and presented the information on a factsheet.

We are all working on our handwriting and we are beginning to join our letters. Our aim is to have everyone ready for a pen license when we go into Year 3.

In maths we have worked hard on place value and are now able to partition numbers and say how many ten and ones it has. We are working on our number bonds and rapid recall of them, as this will help us with maths throughout the year.

In computing, we have learnt how to plan a route for the beebots to travel along. We had to work as a team to plan and program the beebots. It was great fun to work outside on the playground and the beebots behaved themselves! Now we are using ‘Scratch’ a program on the I pads to program a character to move.