Year 2



Autumn Term 1

Pirate day

We started our topic in true pirate fashion. We abandoned out uniforms and dressed up as a pirate. We came armed with cutlasses, swords and hooks! First we completed a maths treasure hunt outside. We had to hunt for clues and solve them to get the missing letters. It was great fun!

Then we read the book ‘A new home for a pirate’ We had to help Jed decide which item of his pirate paraphernalia would be best for each animal he met. After that we played lots of pirate games in the hall. It was fun scrubbing the decks and pretending the captain was coming.

In the afternoon, we learnt a pirate song called portside pirate, it was very jolly. After that we listened to the Night Pirates book. Lastly, we made some pirate faces out of paper plates. What a great start to year two!


Summer Term 2

Amazing Animals
A very exciting last term planned for year two. We will be completing our animal topic and looking at some of the larger animals in the kingdom.
Our class assembly will be based around jungle animals and the children will be dressing up as their favourite character. We will be singing two famous songs from jungle book and performing some poetry together.
In geography, we will be looking at animals in Kenya and thinking about their habitats and how they survive.
Last half term, children were excellent at writing about animals, they have produced some fabulous leaflets on meerkats, hedgehogs and wolves. So I am looking forward to seeing the work produced this half term.

In maths, we will be consolidating what we have learnt this year. Revisiting any areas of difficulty identified in the recent SATs tests. Then we will be concentrating on our reasoning and problem solving.
In DT, we will making some moving pictures based around animals and their habitats. Also the children will have chance to show off their sculpting skills and make a clay owl.
In computing, the children will be learning how to use the internet safely and learn to send emails through out we-learn platform. Also the children will have the opportunity to make a ppt about an animal.

Summer Term 1

The children are deeply immersed in Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. We have been writing letters and postcards, in the role of Sunny the meerkat. Then we reading more of the Emily Gravett books and doing more written work based around her wonderful characters.

Carrying on the animal theme, we are looking at life cycles and UK / world wildlife. We will be using our research skills to find out about these animals. We will be presenting our information in the form of leaflets, these will have lots of wild and wonderful animal facts.

The children enjoyed their trip to Pizza Express and learnt all about the ingredients and where they come from. Their favourite part was eating all the pizzas back at school in the sunshine!

In maths, we will be completing our measures and statistics topics and then moving on to recapping the four major operations, in preparation for SATs in May.

We are going to be doing lots of outdoor learning this half term. In art, we will be focusing on the outdoor sculptures inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. In science, we are looking at different animals habitats and thinking about why they live there.

The new jigsaw PSHE scheme, is working well. This term , we will be thinking about relationships and how they make us feel. The relaxation breathing exercises are helpful and make us aware of how we are feeling too.

In computing, we will be looking at using the internet safely and learning how to send emails. The children are getting more confident when using the computers and their skills are improving all the time.

Spring Term 2

This short term is jammed backed with fun and exciting opportunities for the children. We are launching our ‘Mixed up fairy tales’ topic and are going to be looking at different versions of the traditional tales, such as Jack and the baked beanstalk.

In maths, we are going to be continuing our TT rockstars mission to ensure we are all able to recall our 2, 3, 5, and 10 timetables. We are going to be focusing on money and statistics in lessons. So please allow your child to handle money at the shops and practise paying for things.

In art, we are learning to draw portraits of ourselves, so watch out for them on display soon. In DT, our project will be making a photo frame, which will be personalised by the children.

In computing, we will be using several programs to make art work from. The children’s computing skills are really improving and they are enjoying experimenting with the laptops and I- pads.

In science, we will be completing our topic based on animals including humans. We will be focusing on health, hygiene and keep fit. This will be kick started by our space to earth day, when we use our leg power to clock up the miles and try and reach space.

In April, we are going on our school trip to make pizzas at Pizza Express, Stratford. The children will get to learn about where the ingredients come from, complete a quiz and make their very own pizza. This compliments our Geography work, when we will be looking at where all our food comes from.

Spring Term 1

This term we are starting our new topic with a Robot Workshop. This is planned and delivered by Star struck Drama school. The children are thoroughly looking forward to their day and the parents are invited to see the children perform all they have learnt.

In English, we are going to be using lots of robot learning clips to inspire our written work. We will be writing lots of stories, poems and some non-fiction too. Our key text will be Iron Man by Ted Hughes. The work we produced will be going up on our display in class, so look out for photos on the website!

We are enjoying using our inference and deduction skills to answer questions about texts. We are getting really good at make predictions and justifying our opinions. We will be doing lots more work on this to help deepen our understanding.

In maths, we will be focussing on multiplication and division and money. We are getting really good at using concrete equipment to help us solve problems. Our daily starter stickers are working really well and they give us a chance to practise our maths fluency skills.

In Science, we are learning how to stay healthy and the different food groups. We are looking at different life cycles and thinking about how we change when we grow. We will be carrying out several experiments related to exercise and how our body grows.

In Art, we will draw robots inspired by Karl Egenburger. The children will be using oil pastels to create wonderful robots. Look out for these when they go on display!

In Geography, we will focus on maps. The children will be drawing maps of the local area, adding keys and road names. We will use our atlas skills to find places in the UK and around the world. In addition to this we will be revising the oceans and continents of the world.

All in all, a jammed packed term with lots of robot fun!

Autumn Term 2
Under the Sea
We have immersed ourselves in our underwater topic with a trip to the Sea life centre, in Birmingham. It was an amazing day with plenty of wonder and awe. The children got to go behind the scenes and find out more about the Sea creatures. The shark’s tooth was a particular favourite. We ended our exciting day with an episode of Octonauts in the 4D cinema.
We have used our new sea life knowledge to create fact files and a recount of the trip.  Our key texts for the term are Snail and the Whale and Tiddler by Julia Donaldson. Snail and Whale fitted in perfectly with kindness week, as the children were able to recognise the qualities of these characters. They wrote wonderful character descriptions, which really showcased their new vocabulary. We are now moving onto instructional writing and poetry.
Our focus has been addition and subtraction for this half term. The children have developed a sound understanding of these concepts. They are able to use equipment, draw and abstract strategies to solve these.
We have been using our skills to make power points about a sea creature. The children have learnt all sorts of tricks to enhance the text, insert photos and make things move.
We have also been onto our learning platform and experimenting with programming apps. Which has been great fun.
We have been set the task of designing and making a puppet, but after discussion with the class, we decided on changing it to a sea life creature key ring. We have done research on the internet and found ones we like. These have inspired our designs. Now we just need to choose our materials and see them together.
We have been thinking about friendship and what makes a good friend. During kindness week, we were given a secret person in the class to be extra kind to. The special person received lots of positive compliments and was invited to play games at playtime. It was a great success!
The children have been working with Mrs Bicknell on the story of Peter and the wolf. The children have been experimenting with instruments and  performing.
We have been finding out about Christopher Columbus and why he is famous. Then we moved onto the story of the Titantic which intrigued the children. They were all able to retell and sequence the event.
Autumn Term 1

Ahoy me hearties, well year two has got off to a flying start. The children began by dressing up as pirates for the day and playing lots of pirates games. The art work that has come from the topic is outstanding and looks fantastic on display in our classroom.

 In maths, we have been working really hard on extending our knowledge of place value and solving problems in lots of different ways. We have been using lots of strategies to helps us, such as conker counters, the dienes equipment, part, part, whole and the bar model. We are now on our addition and subtraction topic, which is going well too.

 In science, we have carried out two investigations to help the pirates. One was to find the best materials to build a ship that was waterproof, durable and floatable. The other was to test paper towels for the best absorbency. The children thoroughly enjoyed working as a team to solve these problems and particularly enjoyed testing them.

 We are now looking forward to our trip in November to the Sea life centre which will kick start our new under water topic.


Summer Term

After a busy spring term, the children have made good progress. It is now only a few weeks until they take their SAT’s tests. Please make sure your child has lots of sleep on school nights and is only off school if they are genuinely ill. It is a crucial time to collect evidence on your child’s ability so being at school is vital.

During the summer term, we will be looking at lots of new books which will inspire writing. The children will be improving their comprehension skills, through lots of practise. Please hear your child read regularly and ask them some questions to challenge their understanding.

As the weather improves, we will be doing lots of outdoor learning which the children adore. Recently, we built shelters for a rabbit outside and the team work was fantastic.

In PSHE we will be focussing on bullying and what makes a bully, so if your child speaks about it at home, please stress the point below:

S – several

T – times

O – on

P – purpose

In maths, we will be going over the arithmetic tests and ensuring the children are comfortable solving these. Please practise times tables (x2, x5, x10) number bonds and adding 3 two digit numbers eg 6 + 5 + 4 =

As always, thanks for all the support.

Spring Term

The children have come back after the Christmas, full of energy and are ready for the term ahead.

Our new topic is people and animals, which will include looking at significant people eg: George Cadbury, Florence Nightingale and William Shakespeare.

We will be doing lots of extended pieces of writing to allow the children to showcase their handwriting, spelling and new skills, that are required to be ‘at the expected level’ at the end of the year.

In maths we will be mastering statistics, fractions and our times table and division facts.

In computing, Miss Foster will be teaching the children how to code, so watch out for those computer whizz kids! She also will be doing some wonderful art and DT with the class, where they will get to make an animal finger puppet and some tie dye bunting.

This term Mrs Bicknell will be focussing on suffixes (the ending of words eg: ment, ly, ness). The children will be expected to use these new words in their writing. In maths she will be supporting the children with their fluency skills, so they become quick and confident with rapid recall eg 15 + 8.

During book week, we will be receiving a visit from an author and doing lots of fun activities centre around her book.

Another exciting thing to look forward to is our Y1/Y2 trip to Tudor World in Stratford. The children will be taking part in a workshop and learning about Shakespeare.

Please continue to support your child at home by:

  • Reading regularly
  • Completing all home learning
  • Ensuring your child learns the spellings
  • Practise the common exception words for Y2

Thank you for your support.

Autumn Term

Welcome back after a fabulous summer. The children are all keen and excited to be in year 2.

It’s going to be a busy term. We are kicking off our toy topic with the focus on Traction Man books. He is a popular chap and one the children love planning new adventures for. We will be using the books as a stimulus for many pieces of writing.

In maths, we are taking on the new mastery approach where all the children will have a deeper understanding of each new concept. They will develop their fluency skills by recalling facts eg counting backwards in 2’s from 20 or their number bonds. They become more confident in reasoning and problem solving where they need to apply their knowledge in order to problem solve.

We are looking forward to the Specialists visiting Y1 and Y2. The children will be learning about toys from the past and getting to make their own lever toy in the afternoon. Watch out for the photographs of the day.