Year 1



Summer Term

Our learning for the Summer term will be based around the theme of ‘colour’. In art we will be exploring how artists creatively use colour in different ways. We will be exploring a range of exciting texts, in English, such as: The Rainbow Fish; The Tin  Garden; and The Day the Crayons Quit. These texts have been chosen not only for the exciting stories that they tell but for the beautiful illustrations within them.

In Maths, we will be looking at addition, subtraction, telling the time (to o’clock and half-past), length and capacity. When adding and subtracting I am placing a lot of emphasis on the children knowing their number bonds, therefore, it is imperative that regular practise of these at home occurs.

In June, the children will undertake the Phonics Screening Test. At the end of the Spring Term I sent a phonics pack home with your child. Please look after these packs and ensure the contents stay in the plastic wallets. The practise words inside the pack are examples of the style of words that will be found in the test; therefore, any extra practise at home will benefit your child. The targets sent home at the end of the Spring-Term indicated any phonics sounds that your child was finding particularly difficult, please support your child in learning these.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your child with the recent ‘Do What you Like’ home-learning task, their art pieces are absolutely stunning! Mrs Hartwright has managed to display all the pieces of art in the Year One classroom, so please feel free to come in and have a look at the wonderful variety of art-work.

Spring Term

Our topic for this term is ‘people’, we will be finding out more about: Florence Nightingale, George Cadbury and William Shakespeare. Letters have been sent out regarding our class trip to ‘Tudor World’ Please bring the reply slips, if you have not already done so.

In English, the children are really enjoying ‘The Rabbit Problem’. We have been busy making rain catchers, writing ‘rabbitercise’ instructions, making miniature jumpers for rabbits and even scaring crows away with our miniature scarecrows.

In maths, we are mastering number bonds within 20 and addition and subtraction. Please keep practising number bonds to 20!

A little reminder, home-learning is due in each Tuesday. Also, I am setting the children the challenge of being a gold reader; this would mean they are reading 6x each week!!

Autumn Term

A very warm welcome to the new Year One class, you have been an absolute pleasure to teach for the first 3 weeks back!

Our topic for the term is toys we, so far, have enjoyed a visit from Tommy Top hat who brought in lots of different Victorian toys for us to play with. We even learnt how to make our own whizzers and paper helicopters.

In English, we are reading stories about superheroes. So far, we have read ‘Super Daisy’. Next, we are reading ‘Supertato’. Alongside this, we will be creating our very own vegetable hero who will help us explore lots of writing genres, such as: lists, predictions, descriptive writing and stories.

In Mathematics we are diving into place value. So far, we are covering numbers 0-20. We are practising our number fluency each day, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Lots of practise at home will really help build up our confidence!

Home-learning is now being set on a Tuesday and must be back for the following Tuesday. Please make sure all sheets given are stuck into books and home-learning comes in each week in the plastic wallet provided. Your child’s spelling tests are every Tuesday.

Here’s to a great start in Year One, long may it continue!


Spring Term

I’d like to welcome all of the children back after a well- earned Christmas break.


Please find the take-away menu in your child’s home-learning book. This style of home-learning is an exciting prospect for your child as they get to choose which piece of work they would like to do. They must complete a piece of work from the allocated subject each week and a ‘daily choice’ each day. Please ensure you sign and date the ‘daily choice log-sheet’ to record what your child has completed.


We have lots of exciting learning experiences in store for this term. In computing we will be creating an audio story complete with sound effects and different character voices. In Geography we will be learning lots of facts about Kenya and even creating our very own animal mask. In music we will put together a production complete with: African dancing, African music and poetry. We even have some time to spare to travel back in time to find out the history of our town, Henley- in-Arden.

Please keep your eyes peeled for dates for Year 1 and 2’s Kenyan production and a Parents’ Phonics and English workshop.

Thank- you for your continued support.

Autumn Term

I would like to wish the new Year One children a warm welcome into their new class. After much practise of their new routines the children have settled well and are showing a fantastic approach to their learning.

To aid you child’s transition into the classroom the children are being engaged in exciting play-based learning activities. Your child has challenges in each area of the classroom to complete, once these challenges are complete they receive a stamp and a new challenge to take their learning forward. This has proved popular with the class as they are all eager and motivated to complete their tasks.

Our topic this term is ‘Journeys’, we will be learning about Neil Armstrong’s journey to the moon and will be receiving and sending many letters as we follow the Jolly Postman on his various deliveries.

In mathematics we will be focusing on counting, addition and subtraction.

Your child will receive home-learning and spellings each Thursday, please ensure this is completed and returned back into school for the following Wednesday. I have been very pleased to see the amount of reading you complete with your child each week, let’s keep this up!



Summer Term

Year 1 are starting the summer term with their class assembly, Noah’s Ark. Rehearsals are well underway and the children are working incredibly hard.

Our ever-popular outdoor learning will be much warmer now as I hope for lots of sunshine. Year 1 will be planting sunflowers with our expert, Mrs Barker. Together we will even be planting beans in CD cases! The children will be responsible for looking after their own plants and along the way will find out how to maintain a healthy plant.

As a class topic we will be finding out about London and the great fire that happened there in the past.

In art, colour will be explored, this will include the children finding out how to: make colours lighter and darker; mix paints to make new colours and create a final art piece using new skills, just like real artists!

A Drum-tastic Day

Today Year One found that musicians read music, we even had a go ourselves. First, we looked at different musical notes and learnt the beats for them. Then, we had a go tapping the beats on the African drums.

In Year 1 we are learning about plants. We have planted: sunflowers, cress and beans. We are going to be finding out how to keep them healthy.







Year 1 took part in the school’s ‘big’ maths morning! The theme was eggs! Take a look at our outdoor maths egg- hunt.

The Year 1 children were urgently called upon to help the ‘Three Little Pigs’ build a suitable home to keep out the big bad wolf and the rain. The children chose the following materials: lego, wooden blocks, chocolate biscuits, plastic straws and card.

It was an exciting investigation, the card was the winner. We worked out that this was because the group had made sure that there were no gaps when they built their home.