Spring Term

Reception have been enjoying finding out all about Winter this half-term.

They have read the story of ‘Ridiculous’ about a tortoise who doesn’t want to hibernate in Winter and have discussed which animals hibernate, migrate and adapt to the cold weather.

They have made snowmen in Welly Wednesday using chalk and have found objects in the outdoor area that they used to create a Winter sculpture.

In Welly Wednesday, they also had great fun making bird feeders using Cheerios and pipe cleaners as they were worried that the birds had no food in Winter!

Autumn Term

Reception had a great start to school in their first full time week!

They made face biscuits using icing sugar and sweets – they were very yummy!!

They also had their first P.E lesson – they all enjoyed it and were very tired after all their ‘exercises’!


Autumn Term

In Welly Wednesday the children made reindeer food.

They had to find the different ingredients around the field, which included some magic glitter, some magic sprinkles and some yummy oats.

They mixed all the ingredients into a bag and took it home, ready to feed the reindeers on Christmas Eve!

I am so pleased with the way Reception have settled into life at Henley – it’s like they’ve always been here!!

The children have been busy doing their Baseline Assessment, discussing what they want to be when they grow up and beginning to learn their Jolly phonics sounds – all in the first four weeks!!

They are a pleasure to have in the classroom. Around school, staff have commented how well behaved they are – Lets keep up the good start to their life at our school!


Summer Term

This term reception created an assembly telling their parents their journey through the year, what they learned and what they liked the most. They started the assembly by creeping on to the stage with the music from Mission Impossible and then went on to talk about what they had learned about ‘Dinosaurs’ and how they died out. They explained that there were two different types of dinosaurs herbivores and carnivores. The children also talked about enjoying a book called ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and thought it was very funny to steal BIG pants from a washing line and dance around in them. The assembly finished with the children singing ‘Jambo’ a song from Kenya in Africa that they had learned as part of International week.


This term starts with a very exciting trip to the moon in our custom built rockets! Here we have a moon picnic, with sandwiches and snacks, listen to space music and draw what we imagine space is like. We find out all about space, the stars and planets, aliens and space travel from past to present. The children become totally absorbed in this fascinating, ‘out of this world’ experience.

The second part of the term sees the children discover what life was like in a castle in olden times and read traditional tales and modern twists on the theme. They will perform their end of year assembly looking back at what they have learned throughout the year.

Spring Term

This term in Reception we are travelling all the way back in time to the ear of the Dinosaurs. The children will become palaeontologists and hunt for clues about these huge creatures. They will be creating fossils of their own, as well as using 2D shapes to make their own dinosaurs and deciding if they are herbivores or carnivores.

We will also spend a week looking at the Chinese New Year and finding out how they celebrate this festival.

After half term we will begin to look at our new topic of Growth and Change. This will give us an insight into have baby animals change as they grow. We will also look at plants and see how to keep them healthy. The children will hopefully collect tadpoles for the school pond and learn how to look after them and watch them develop before they are re-released into the pond.

Reception will finish this term by looking at the Christian celebration of Easter.

Winter Term

We have an exciting term ahead as the children become familiar with class and school routines. We will be looking at Traditional Nursery rhymes and make links to all the areas of EYFS.

The most exciting thing for us is we learn our phonic sounds and this will help us to begin to read and write and help us to explore ways of communicating. Our weekly Welly Wednesday session in our Outdoor Learning Zone will help us to become engrossed in the world around us and find out how nature works. We will cook regularly on a open fire, making links with our learning. On our first Welly Wednesday we will be cooking ‘sausage’ as we learn the ‘sssssss’ sound.

We’ve had a very positive start to daily life in Reception/Early Years and look forward to it continuing as the children become more confident.